“Developing A Bigger Life Through Your Natural Achievement Genius So You Can Have More Time… More Money… & More Freedom”

If you want a bigger life and believe you have more to offer than a pedestrian existence in the daily grind. And if you feel that you’re up for a life that embraces opportunities and resonates with adventure while doing great, amazing, life-changing things, then start this life now by learning how to use your mind’s fuller potential… your natural genius.

When you do, you’ll liberate the gift of who you truly are. You’ll liberate the value of your uniqueness. You’ll develop more of the innate potential that awaits you. You’ll embrace more of your natural strengths which have the potential to make your uniqueness such a special gift to the world around you.

Imagine having a laser focused mind that makes every action a deliberate and targeted action. Imagine having the feeling of super confidence and being able to rocket your money results. Imagine people wanting to mentor with you and embrace your mentorship and mentoring results. Imagine your every decision being purposely expressed through your authentic self.

Imagine always saying, doing, acting and playing in the best way possible for you. Imagine tapping into your natural genius and having someone mentor you in your natural genius style so you can liberate your unexpressed potential.

Well you don’t have to imagine any longer because all this and more is within your immediate grasp… let me explore a few thoughts with you first though.

I saw an interesting question posted on a forum the other day. It asked, “Are all personality models trying to put you in a box?” It’s worth reflecting on this for a moment because it has implications that can profoundly impact whether or not you pursue liberating money results or stay with the money results you currently have. 

While not all personality modelling positions itself to put you in a “BOX”, the sad truth is that many do. And once you’re in that “BOX”, you’re asked to identify with the descriptive label of that “BOX”. You’re led to believe that because the label is descriptive of you, you suddenly become predictable and that you can be “READ” by the people who invent the labels for their various “BOXES”.

Discovering your uniqueness

But it’s incredibly important to understand that you’re totally unique and can’t be neatly packaged into a “BOX”. So don’t fall for a personality three card trick! Of the 7 Billion people on the planet, there’s nobody on earth exactly like you.

Everything from the tip of your DNA to the way you see the world around you is UNIQUE. The only thing that can put you in a “BOX” is someone else’s description of you, and your acceptance of it.

But the experiences of life you’ve gathered along the way are special to you. You’re the only one who’s had every single one of them… that’s what makes you unique! If you agree with a put you in a “BOX” description, you lose your uniqueness and become part of the status quo. In the herd of status quo, your results remain the same and you lose access to your unique genius.

This means, you lose access to taking a quantum leap and being able to take your lifestyle, business and money results to a new level. You lose access to making up for lost time. And, age related shrinkage will ensure that you lose your ability for gaining clear focus, growing in confidence and doubling your productivity without putting in more effort than you already are.

More importantly, you lose access to your natural achievement genius, feeling more alive, building greater fulfilment and being happier. You miss out on experiencing “flow”, a state of joy, creativity and total involvement that melts problems away. Ultimately, you miss out on exhilarating feelings of transcendence.

Are you in the right place?

If you’ve been searching for a long time or you’re just starting out and you’re looking for strategies for changing old money results, I promise that when you discover your natural genius, you’ll burn with confidence, burst through glass ceilings, double your productivity and create the success you’ve always dreamed of.

I’ll even psrsonally mentor you if that’s what you’d like.

You’re in the right place if:

  • You want to see a dramatic improvement in your money results
  • You want those results to come faster with less effort
  • You want to make up for lost time and enjoy more free time
  • You want to become crystal clear and laser focused
  • You want to make more money doing what you love
  • You want to understand more about your natural genius and its productivity
  • You want to discover what tasks excite your genius and what tasks to avoid
  • You want to discover why you self sabotage and how you can stop doing it

You’re in the wrong place if:

  • You don’t normally take action and convert learning into experience
  • You’re looking for the “lazy mans’ guide to easy riches”
  • You’re unwilling to move away from the herd and people who hold you back
  • You’re unwilling to disconnect from conventional wisdom and its conditioning
  • You’re fixed in your ways, need to be “right” and can’t change your ideas
  • You’re not seeking transformative change in your lifestyle, business or money results
  • You’re not seeking disconnection from the three culturally imprinted money mindsets of earn, spend and borrow

Your genius is often buried by conditioned learning

Through the practices of enculturation, one of the things that happens over time is the burying of your unique genius under layers of schooling and conditioning, fears and negative experiences, stressors and circumstance, broken promises and paralysing stuckness along with self limiting beliefs about who you are, your proper value and the true potential you’re capable of developing.

Camronn Huff and Antonia Dodge, experts in the field of applied psychoanalytics note that, ” Knowing how your mind works is the basis for knowing yourself, and ‘knowing yourself’ is the basis for every great, deliberate act ever taken in history. You cannot accomplish greatness if you 1) don’t know the tool set with which you’re working, and 2) if you can’t control, utilize, and maximize that tool set.” (The Ten Biggest Myths About Type.)

Sadly, we live in a culture that does not encourage examination of the toolkit. Enculturation is more concerned with the creation of predictability and lifelong sameness than it is with your economic and personal freedom.

It ensures that you never have enough free time to even think about how your mind works let alone what’s happening to you over time. Conditioning doesn’t teach you about your natural genius or how to turn that genius towards enterprise so that you can save time and be twice as productive.

Locked into 3 money mindsets

In essence, enculturation is happiest when you lock yourself in the three money mindsets of earn, spend and borrow for non productive purposes. The literal translation of the word mortgage is, ‘pledge until death’.

Many of those around you don’t encourage the breaking away from these three money mindsets or to escape the “pledge until death” existence. Society itself does not encourage you to think about possibilities and “what ifs”. Instead, you’re encouraged to stay with certainty, safety and routine. This is the power of conditioning.

Enculturation is pleased with its “job well done” when it sees you settling for less than your true potential, accepting second best, staying on the steady path of the daily grind and continuing with “what is” rather than “what’s possible”.

It’s almost as if there’s  unspoken agreement based on the absence of enterprise or transformitive change. Instead, transformation is replaced by hope that one day you’ll wake up and everything will be okay. But it won’t, it can’t. Difference cannot come from sameness.

But you look around and see everyone else doing the same thing so it must be okay. They’re quietly going about their lives of sameness each and every day. Some are alarmed by this process and break free, but most never actually SEE it.

One hundred and fifty years ago, Henry Thoreau said, “Most men live lives of quiet desperation and go to their graves with their song still in them.” Sadly, it’s as true today as it was all those years ago.

Your natural genius awaits purposeful instructions

Imagine using your natural genius to go way beyond the daily experiences of “not enough” time, money, freedom and choice. Imagine rapidly moving past ‘what is’ and entering a new world of possibilities, potentials and ‘what ifs’.

Imagine being able to easily answer questions such as, “What will give me the best return for my effort with regards to this opportunity?” “What is the least risky option for me here?” “What other genius types do I need to partner with to get this done more effectively and efficiently?” “What is the natural highest and greatest good in this context?”

Well imagine no longer because my purpose is to help you learn as much about your genius type and your uniqueness as you want to learn. I will show you how purposefully work within your natural genius flow state so that you transform your money results. If you want, I’ll give you the benefit of my years of mentoring people who want to learn, grow and change fast and easy.

I’ll work with you personally with one on one mentoring if that’s what you’d like so that you can rocket your results faster… 

Contact me through paul@paulcounsel.com.au if you’d like your Genius Assessment done and a 15 page report sent to you.

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